Dedication to Quality

Our people work as a team with one focus: excellence for each customer. It is our commitment to continuously improve designs, processes, and distribution of products that consistently meet or exceed customer expectations. Buckhorn uses a wide range of manufacturing processes for product quality. We utilize high-grade polymer resins in our reusable packaging product because quality in equals quality out. Additionally, we employ the latest molding and testing technologies to ensure superior performance for long-term customer satisfaction.

Testing & Design Capabilities:

  • 2D CAD and 3D Pro E Design Software
  • Complete Material and Product Testing
  • Dynamic Transit Simulation for AIAG Testing
  • Finite Element Analysis

Customer Experience

Customer Care
Buckhorn’s reusable packaging systems provide answers to some of your most complex problems. Understandably, you need customer service that extends beyond just placing an order. Customers are our first priority at Buckhorn. We don’t just practice customer service—it is part of our culture extending to all departments within the organization. We bring unparalleled experience, responsiveness, and customer dedication to every potential project. And our experienced customer service team is available to answer all your product-related questions. Customer service representatives will help you choose the best products for your application, customize or accessorize your material handling purchase and ensure accurate and on-time delivery of your order.

Customer-Driven Innovation

Buckhorn is proud to lead the industry with packaging innovations that translate into customer value. The first plastic bakery tray; the first plastic attached lid distribution container; the first plastic seed-handling container; and the first reusable, integrated plastic container and pallet system to be used in the automotive industry. We are continuously listening to our customers, evaluating supply chain requirements, and developing new products and systems to meet the current and future needs of the markets. Our attention to innovation opens up limitless opportunities to improve your productivity and profitability.

Commitment to Sustainability

Buckhorn reusable packaging systems do more than protect your products—they protect the global environment as well. We measure sustainability practices to minimize energy consumption and reduce waste in our operations. In instances where quality will not be compromised, we utilize recycled plastic resin in our products. Buckhorn offers a recycling and buy-back program, removing damaged or unusable products from your system. This cost-effective alternative saves on high disposal costs and removes damaged, unusable or old products from your system. In most cases, you can receive credit toward future purchases.