15″ x 12″ x 1″ | Straight Wall Container Lid



Model: SL15120100

Specification Metric Conversion
External Dimensions (Outside Top)
Length 15.0″ 381.0 mm
Width 12.0″ 304.8 mm
Height 0.4″ 10.2 mm
Other Features
Tare Weight 0.7 lbs. 0.3 kg
Lid Type Recessed

* The lid provides a loose fit on straight wall totes with a dust skirt (models ending in A2 or A4).  It does not have a snap-tight fit like it does with non-skirted totes (models ending in 00 or 02).

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15" x 12" x 1"


Straight Wall Container Lid

Standard Colors

Light Gray

Available Options

Hot Stamps, ID Labels, Label Placards, Bar Coding, Sequential Numbering, Standard Colors


Automotive; Industrial Manufacturing

Compatible Products

SW151205F1, SW15120602, SW151207F1, SW151209F1