Pallet & Top Cap System – TM32300300

32″ x 30″ x 3″ | Structural Foam Top Cap | Non-Stocked Item – Minimum Order Required



Model: Medium Duty Pallet & Top Cap System (Pallets)

Specification Metric Conversion
External Dimensions (Outside Top)
Length 33″ 838 mm
Width 31″ 787 mm
Height 2.5″ 64 mm
Internal Dimensions (Inside Bottom)
Length 32.5″  826 mm
Width 31.5″  800 mm
Other Features
Tare Weight 9.8 lbs 4.4 kg
Return Ratio 1:1

* Capacity is based on evenly distributed loads and is dependent upon application and use environment. Elevated temperatures and concentrated loads can affect capacity. Check with Buckhorn for suitability in your application. Specifications subject to change without notice. All dimensions are approximate.

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32" x 30" x 3"


Structural Foam Top Cap


Non-Stocked Item – Minimum Order Required

Available Options

Pallet Lock Retractors, ID Tags, Bar Coding, Sequential Numbering, Standard Colors


Automotive; Industrial Manufacturing