Buckhorn Pallet & Top Cap Systems are designed for use with our Straight Wall Containers. Optional built-in seat belt pallet lock retractors wrap around the containers and secure the top cap for more load stability. Pallets also lock into ribs on the top cap surface for secure stacking.

Features and Benefits
• Footprints: 32” x 30”, 48” x 40” and 48” x 45”
• Hundreds of round trips for lower overall cost-per-trip
• Standard lip help prevent load shifting
• Solid or ventilated deck styles
• Four-way entry accommodates forklifts and pallet jacks
• Superior resistance to moisture, most chemicals and temperature extremes
• Optional seat belt pallet lock retractors provide additional security for pallet loads
• Ergonomic handles for easy lifting
• Standard lip holds containers to the pallet and helps prevent load shifting
• Use with temperatures of -20˚ to 120˚ F
• Customization and identification options available
• Backed by a one-year limited warranty
• 100% recyclable HDPE

Did You Know…?
Buckhorn’s Romeo Pallet (Model No. PN48450633) will stack on any 48” x 45” Bulk Box for convenient, mixed load shipping.

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