Caliber® IBCs are injection molded of FDA-compliant materials and have completely smooth surfaces to satisfy the strict hygienic standards. These Intermediate Bulk Containers are designed to withstand the toughest demands including filling under pressure, long-term outdoor storage, rail transport and hot fill applications.

Features and Benefits
• Three sizes: 270 gallons, 300 gallons and 315 gallons
• Top or bottom discharge containers
• Feature built-in sump for bottom discharge
• Reinforced side walls with embedded steel rods
• Lid locking system secures lid at eight tamper evident locations
• Easy assembly and collapsibility – up to 2.5:1 return ratio
• Four-way forklift entry
• Can stack up to five high with 3,307 lbs. per container
• Low tare weight allows more product per truckload and helps minimize transport costs
• Certified for top discharge rail shipping
• Compatible with disposable liners
• Use with temperatures of 0˚ to 140˚ F
• Durable and secure for long-term outdoor storage; eliminates dangers of protruding nails, splinters and sharp metal banding from wood containers
• Integrated rubber pads prevent movement during transport
• Stacking ridges ensure the lid and base interlock when stacked and collapsed, allowing a safe, self-supporting column in storage and distribution
• Customization and identification options available
• Backed by a one-year limited warranty
• 100% recyclable

Accessories Sold Separately
• Disposable Liners – a wide range of disposable liners are available for Buckhorn IBCs from a variety of suppliers. The liner can be made of different materials to provide the desired performance. The liners also come standard with a gland adapter.
• Filling Bridge – the gland adapter on the disposable liner is connected to a filling bridge for easy filling. This is made specifically for Buckhorn IBCs and is available from a variety of suppliers.
• Tamper Evident Cap – the tamper evident cap for bottom discharge IBCs protects the discharge area during transportation and storage.
• Valve – attaches the filling device to the gland adapter. Available from liner suppliers.
• Tamper Evident Seal – Caliber’s tamper evident seal is used to secure the eight locking handles on the lid. Available through Buckhorn.

Did You Know…?
Caliber Intermediate Bulk Containers offer increased productivity and maximum cube utilization, which results in more volume per pallet. You can move and store more in less space. One Caliber 315 unit holds the equivalent volume of nearly six drums. Also, drums do not utilize all the space in a 48” x 45” footprint, and sometimes even hang over the edges of the pallet taking up additional space. Add this all together and you can save over 40% more volume per pallet!

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