Corrugated boxes are prone to a variety of problems including leakage, shifting off the pallet during transport, debris and dust, and limited one-time use. Buckhorn’s Intrepid® 48” x 40” specialty bulk box solves these problems and more. It is the perfect addition to our extensive offering for the food and distribution markets. It is designed for a variety of industries including liquid, semi-liquid, powder, granular and food applications.

Features and Benefits
• Reusable packaging provides cost savings versus one-time use packaging
• Heavy duty design prevents leakage— up to 2,500 lb. (40.5 cu. ft.) capacity
• 48” x 40” x 46” size equivalent to corrugated combo bins
• Uses include temporary storage, work in process, incoming ingredients, shipments among plants and shipments to customers
• Optional drop-door provides better access to contents and improves ergonomics when installing a disposable liner
• Optional bottom discharge designed specifically for ease of use in liquid applications
• Injection molded design prevents leakage
• Collapsible panels are attached to the base eliminating shifting during transport
• Hygienic design with flat, smooth surfaces to ensure the highest level of hygiene and ease of cleaning
• Constructed of FDA-compliant material
• No splinters, nails and dust
• Secure stacking with or without optional lid
• Non-sequential folding panels assemble and collapse in seconds
• Collapsible designs saves space in storage and return
• Offers a 3.3:1 return ratio — up to 240 collapsed containers fit in a 53’ trailer
• Easy to repair — no special tools or fasteners required
• Textured label area on all four side panels
• Backed by a one-year limited warranty
• 100% recyclable

Did You Know…?
Get 225% more product per sq. ft. of floor space with Intrepid! Intrepid containers stack 4 high compared to corrugated boxes that only stack 2 high— no crushing and safer stacking with Intrepid.

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