Buckhorn’s Preform & Caps Bulk Containers are rated for 1,200-lb. load capacities and work well for applications such as beverage preforms, caps and closures, and warehouse distribution. They collapse flat in seconds and stack for storage and return shipment – optimizing space usage and saving money on returned freight. Hand-hold areas on panels provide a comfortable grip for panel movement.

Features and Benefits
• Footprint: 48″ x 40″
• Optional plastic runners for convey ability
• Drop-doors and four-way forklift entry improve ergonomics and handling efficiency
• Superior durability for reliable performance
• Spring action, sliding latches automatically lock hinged sidewalls and access doors
• Customization and identification options available
• Backed by a one-year limited warranty
• 100% recyclable HDPE

Did You Know…?
Cardboard damages quality. Unlike disposable packaging, reusable containers withstand repeated use and deliver superior product protection to maintain quality and reduce scrap rate. Hidden costs of cardboard include:
• Damaged product as boxes are crushed from stacking
• Truck trailers are not fully cubed, resulting in wasted space and more trips
• Cardboard is one-way use and is an expense every time you ship. It adds labor costs for breakdown and removal, plus disposal costs

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